reading in small bites




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A pasaboca (or, often, pasabocas used in the plural) is a snack, or finger-foods a.k.a. appetizers. This is a tiny instance, like a small snack or nibbles of reading.

Privacy Policy

Basically, as little information is collected as possible, but a cookie is needed to log in, it's advisable to use an extension like Privacy Badger for just living with the internet in general, avoid sharing private or personal information in general (including in direct messages because they are not encrypted; consider email or a dedicated messaging service), and also if you follow people from other instances or other people follow you, information (depending on visibility level) is passed to outside instances which have their own privacy policies and codes of conduct. (Yes, we should develop a more robust privacy policy at some point, but this is a tiny self-moderated instance so a privacy policy mostly just serves to provide information for other instances.)